Thursday , 28 October 2021


The Meeting Report of the Protecting Women and Standardized Forensic Examination Advocacy Group with Security Commander of Herat Province

August 12, 2020 


Some members of the Protecting Women and Standardized Forensic Examinations Advocacy Group in a meeting with Security Commander of Herat Province talked about the virginity examination from the perspective of science, law and Sharia after introduction and stating the objectives of the meeting. The group members elaborated on alternative ways for virginity examinations.

The security commander of Herat announced his support from the Advocacy group and said that he will cooperate in implementation of the objectives of the group. He further said that the issue not only related to the police, but also to all members of the society and they must get the awareness about the issue.


Decisions Made:

The Security Commander of Herat Province promised that to share the issue with criminal section in the city and all other districts via WhatsUp group requesting them to prevent sending women to forensic examinations.

In addition to that, he promised to provide any kind of facilities for workshop for police personnel so that the policemen and policewomen will get trained for 2 days.

He said that they should received the title of the training before in order that they manage the time of workshop.

Finally, the meeting ended with prayers and a book regarding Inspecting Virginity Examination and its Consequences from the Perspective of Sharia, Law and Medicine was dedicated to Mr. Commander.