Saturday , 27 November 2021

Forensic Education

Forensic Science Education

In February 2015,  the Afghanistan Forensic Science Organisation (AFSO) formed a partnership with Gawharshad University which saw AFSO move into its new premises at the university and established dedicated teaching of forensics and criminalistics in the Gawarshad Law Faculty. AFSO and Gawharshad are currently developing forensic science curriculum materials and will present these to the Ministry of Higher Education for approval as the official curriculum of forensic science for all universities. AFSO members are lecturing in forensic science at a number of other universities in Kabul.

In September 2015 AFSO and Gawashad launched an innovative 32 hour training course on ‘The Role of Forensic Science and Technology in Criminal Investigations’. This 16 week course, designed by AFSO’s director, Ashraf Bakhteyari, aims to teach students and faculty about the use of forensic science and technology in investigations and the impact of science upon the judicial system and the right to a fair trial. An outline of the course syllabus is available here GFC Structure.  Interested students and participants should contact: or 0775520572 for information on enrolment.

Ashraf Bakhteyari has also written a 1700 page training manual on forensic science in Dari. The objective of the training manual is to assist criminal justice and the judicial system; academic and higher education institutions. This manual will be a good introductory resource for lecturers and students of universities, police, prosecutors, judges, defense lawyers, and forensic medicine and criminal technique experts. The manual is currently in print.