Saturday , 24 August 2019

Training on Istanbul protocol and optional protocol of anti-torture convention

Colombo, Sri Lanka

25th– 30th November 2018

Mohammad Ashraf Bakhteyari, CEO of AFSO, participated in a training on Istanbul protocol and anti-torture convention- optional protocol by Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and OMCT in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This training was attended by 21 active members of anti-torture high commission and detention working group.

During training, Moh. Ashraf Bakhteyari stated that FSO is mainly focusing on banning virginity testing and torture prevention in Afghanistan. Virginity/ Hymen testing is a degrading and inhumane act, considered a form of torture by UN anti-torture committee. AFSO has been working on banning virginity testing through extensive activities such as a working group on protection of women from obligatory gynecological examination attended by national and international organizations. Bakhteyari further advocated for complete ban in this torturous examination as suggested by UN anti-torture committee for the afghan government on 2017. He urged other participants to disseminate the book that he has published on implications of virginity testing from legal, Islamic and scientific aspects in order to raise public awareness on this torturous testing and help victims.

AFSO is the only organization in Afghanistan which has translated Istanbul protocol and trained numerous police, prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges and medical doctors from forensic medicine and detention centers.

Apart from detention working group formed from civil society activists, anti-torture high commission is also working in torture prevention in detention centers. The commission is consisted of representative from Ministry of defense, Ministry of Interior affairs, Ministry of justice, Ministry of Women affairs, National security directorate, bar association and civil society networks and activists and AIHRC is leading the commission. These groups substantially work on monitoring implementation of anti-torture law passed on 2016 in Afghanistan.