Saturday , 25 September 2021


The Meeting Report of the Protecting Women and Standardized Forensic Examination Advocacy Group with Hajj Directorate


August 10, 2020


Some provincial members of the Protection of Women and Standardized Forensic Examination Advocacy Group (POWSFEAG) in Herat organized and conducted a meeting with directorate of Hajj Affairs in Herat province. In this meeting the advocacy group members introduced themselves and advocacy members as well discussed on the objectives of the advocacy meeting and future plan.  The members of the working group explained hymen testing from scientific, legal and sharia perspectives and explained its alternatives.



  • Organizing awareness raising programs regarding the advocacy group objectives for Ulema.
  • Promoting public awareness raising on discriminatory examinations by religious scholars on their speeches.


The directorate of Hajj and Religious Affairs of Herat province welcomed the advocacy group programs, stated that Islam is not supporting discriminatory examinations because its totally against Islam and sharia, Islamic sharia will never let other people to interfere in private places of a human body.

He continued that he is totally rejecting hymen testing without consent of women, he emphasized that the article 640 of penal code should revise, hence, women should not send to Forensic Medicine Directorate except in the cases like rape to prove the crime based on the consent of accused person.



He stated that they can give a plan on this subject to the Ulema to propagate this issue in the sermons of Friday prayers, and also inform all the Dar al-Hifaz, the Ulema Council and the departments under their influene of this issue in written text and verbally.

In addition, they promised that, if the working group can organize a workshop, they can facilities the workshop for a one- or two-day and will teach the Ulema the proposed subjects.