Monday , 8 March 2021

Report of training on banning virginity testing

4th to 7th March 2019 Protection of women and standard forensic examination advocacy group establishment in Herat Province Virginity testing is a hidden form of gender based violence which is being practiced in legally and culturally in Afghanistan for ages. Women are structurally subjected to this torturous exam either in rape cases or when suspected to have committed moral crimes ... Read More »

AFSO Capacity-building program

Afghanistan Forensic Science Organization (AFSO) congratulates Mohammad Zaman Khoshnam graduation from South Asian University (SAU) New Delhi. Mr. Zaman is one of the key members of this organization graduated from International Relations department of SAU in 2018. He applied in a competitive exam which was organized by South Asian University at Kabul University in 2016; as a result, he was ... Read More »

Book Launch

Truth Finding and the Role of Forensic Science 31st December 2018 The book of “Truth Finding and the Role of Forensic Science” was launched on Dec 31, 2018, at Kabul University. This program was supported by Afghanistan Forensic Science Organization (AFSO), Kabul University, Gawharshad University, and Dunya University. The president of Kabul University, University professors, Police Academy lecturer, Judges, Prosecutors, ... Read More »

Book launch

Evaluation of Virginity testing and its implications from scientific, juridical and Islamic perspective 24th November 2018 The book, “Evaluation of Virginity testing and its implications from scientific, juridical and Islamic perspective” was launched in presence of high officials, university lecturers, civil society activists and media in Afghanistan Independent Human Rights commission (AIHRC), Kabul, Afghanistan. Farzana Akbar, acting director of gender ... Read More »

Training on Istanbul protocol and optional protocol of anti-torture convention

Colombo, Sri Lanka 25th– 30th November 2018 Mohammad Ashraf Bakhteyari, CEO of AFSO, participated in a training on Istanbul protocol and anti-torture convention- optional protocol by Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and OMCT in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This training was attended by 21 active members of anti-torture high commission and detention working group. During training, Moh. Ashraf Bakhteyari stated ... Read More »

Executive board

Mohammad Ashraf BAKHTEYARI Mohammad Ashraf BAKHTEYARI, Executive Director, BA, LLM, Project Director, has over a decade of experience in human rights documentation, monitoring and education. Mr BAKTHEYARI is the author of Afghanistan’s first forensic science textbook and a sought after university lecturer in criminology, criminalistics, criminal law, criminal procedure and forensic science who currently teaches at three Kabul universities. Mr ... Read More »