Saturday , 24 August 2019

Executive board

Mohammad Ashraf BAKHTEYARI

Mohammad Ashraf BAKHTEYARI, Executive Director, BA, LLM, Project Director, has over a decade of experience in human rights documentation, monitoring and education. Mr BAKTHEYARI is the author of Afghanistan’s first forensic science textbook and a sought after university lecturer in criminology, criminalistics, criminal law, criminal procedure and forensic science who currently teaches at three Kabul universities. Mr BAKHTEYARI previously served as an official of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in Daikundi, Bamyan and Kabul. Aside from his human rights and academic work, Mr BAKHTEYARI is also a mullah and well versed in Islamic law, making him a powerful force for change in a culturally and religiously conservative society.


Zabi Mazoori

Zabi Mazoori, Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant, Zabi Mazoori is the Afghanistan Program Coordinator for the International Forensic Program at Physicians for Human Rights. Zabi is a human rights defender with extensive experience in Afghanistan, Australia and the United States. Since joining PHR in 2010, Zabi has been working to advance Afghanistan’s forensic capacity with a focus on the documentation of mass graves and, more recently, spearheading efforts to end the practice of ‘virginity’ testing in Afghanistan. Zabi one of the founder of AFSO and currently is AFSO’s mentor.



Zaman Khushnam

Zaman Khushnam, Project Manager, MA (International Relations) has ten years of experience in innovative grassroots human rights program work and research with a focus on gender issues, institution building and transitional justice. Mr KHUSHNAM also holds a qualification in management and leadership from the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute.


Tamana Asey

Dr Tamana Asey, Program officer and Medical expert, is a graduate of Kabul Medical University and currently working as a resident in the gynecology and obstetrics in Malalai National maternity hospital in Kabul. She has been a member of AFSO since 2015 as a trainer on hymen testing and ‘virginity’ and medical expert in evaluation of forensic evidence in Kabul primary courts.



Mohammad Azam Esmati

Mohammad Azam Esmati, Program Coordinator, is a graduate of national police academy. Having more than 35 years of experience in tuition, administration and management, he has received several trainings on crime scene investigation, documentation of torture in national and international level.



Mohammad Nader Wardak

Dr. Mohammad Nader Wardak, Forensic Trainer, MA from Kabul Medical University. Dr. Wardak has been a lecturer of forensic Medicine in more than 12 universities including Law Faculty of Gawharshad University. He was a former Forensic Science lecturer at Criminalistics Department in Police Academy, former police in 300th bed Hospital, and former President of Khatom-ul-Nabein Medical Hospital. He is also one of AFSO’s founders.




Gulshah Salehi

Gulshah Salehi, AFSO Finance Officer, is an accounting graduate who joined AFSO in December 2015.



Maroof Subhani

Maroof Subhani, Web and Social Network Developer, a current undergraduate student of Computer Science faculty in Computer Engineering Department of Kabul Polytechnic University. He worked for Baihaqi Publication from 2016 to 2017. Then, he joined Shield Company in 2017. Currently, he is doing a part time job at FSO.