Saturday , 24 August 2019

Book launch

Evaluation of Virginity testing and its implications from scientific, juridical and Islamic perspective

24th November 2018

The book, “Evaluation of Virginity testing and its implications from scientific, juridical and Islamic perspective” was launched in presence of high officials, university lecturers, civil society activists and media in Afghanistan Independent Human Rights commission (AIHRC), Kabul, Afghanistan.

Farzana Akbar, acting director of gender directorate in Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), hosted the event and Shahr Banu Ibrahimi, director of legal affairs in Ministry of Women Affairs inaugurated the session by saying, “Moral crimes cases usually referred to us and we can literally see the negative physical and psychological implications of virginity testing on victims. She added,” This book will definitely bring positive changes in the current legal system.”

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Qadeer, general director of policy and planning in MoPH, was also present at the event and he found the book very instrumental in the current critical conditions for the moral crimes cases. He further stated,” This book will prove to all that virginity testing isn’t a standard for moral crimes, anymore.”

Afterwards, Mawlawi Hotak, commissioner in AIHRC, said that most of the women who is tested for virginity testing have either eloped due to domestic violence or forced marriage. They are not suspects to be tested, they are actually victims who seek shelter and support. Even if it is a moral crimes suspect, Islam does not allow such cruel and inhumane examinations. Another chief guest in this event was Ghulam Haider, deputy of Attorney-general, he mentioned the other victims of virginity testing which are rape victims. He said,” Rape victims are subjected to the second rape through this examination.”

At the end, Mohammad Ashraf Bakhteyari, CEO of AFSO, thanked the attendees and said that the motives behind writing this book were:

  1. Firstly, Afghan people should know that virginity testing isn’t a criterion for chastity of a woman.
  2. Secondly, legal actors should acknowledge this that virginity or hymen testing lacks scientific, legal and judicial basis.

  3. Lastly, we call upon MPs to modify the article 640 of penal code and suspects of moral crimes cases should be given absolution when there aren’t any other witnesses and proofs other than virginity testing. And victims should be provided with the legal and psychological support.

The event was ended after Q & A session and dissemination of the books to the participants and some of the books were gifted to AIHRC to distribute it in the focal zones.