Thursday , 13 December 2018

Executive board

Mohammad Ashraf BAKHTEYARI Mohammad Ashraf BAKHTEYARI, Executive Director, BA, LLM, Project Director, has over a decade of experience in human rights documentation, monitoring and education. Mr BAKTHEYARI is the author of Afghanistan’s first forensic science textbook and a sought after university lecturer in criminology, criminalistics, criminal law, criminal procedure and forensic science who currently teaches at three Kabul universities. Mr ... Read More »

Directorate board

Suraya Rahim Sobrang Dr. Suraya Rahim Sobrang, born in Herat city of Afghanistan. She is human rights advocate and activist. Currently, a Commissioner in the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) where she is in charge of women’s rights protection and development and making an effort to give particular emphasis to the elimination of all forms of violence against women, ... Read More »

Advisory board

Stefan Schmitt   Stefan Schmitt, M.S. received his BA in Anthropology from Universidad del Valle, Guatemala, and his Master of Science in Criminology from Florida State University. In 2018 he joined Florida International University’s National Forensic Science and Technology Center (NFSTC) as their International Forensic Program Lead. Prior to that, he directed Physicians for Human Rights’ International Forensic Program. From ... Read More »

An Evaluation of Forensic Evidence in Kabul Primary Courts

Press Release August 9, 2017 Kabul Afghanistan The Afghanistan Forensic Science Organization (AFSO) conducted a five-month trial monitoring project in order to evaluate the use of forensic evidence in Kabul Primary Courts. A total of 40 cases were monitored, including: 25 cases of murder; 13 cases of moral crimes, comprised of zina (extramarital sex), attempted zina (qasd zina), running away ... Read More »

Forensic Education

Forensic Science Education In February 2015,  the Afghanistan Forensic Science Organisation (AFSO) formed a partnership with Gawharshad University which saw AFSO move into its new premises at the university and established dedicated teaching of forensics and criminalistics in the Gawarshad Law Faculty. AFSO and Gawharshad are currently developing forensic science curriculum materials and will present these to the Ministry of ... Read More »

Virginity Testing

Virginity Testing Afghanistan Forensic Science Organization (AFSO) is deeply concerned about the use of hymen examinations with the purpose of conducting so-called “virginity tests” which are used to prosecute women in Afghanistan for so-called moral crimes. These discriminatory and degrading examinations not only lack scientific or medical basis, but also – when conducted in circumstances of duress – amount to ... Read More »